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Curtain Walling

Our innovative bi-fold designs are constructed to the highest standards, meaning they not only look stunning, but offer maximum security and protection. Each product is individually made to order, providing you with a comprehensive range of options including style and design.

Senior SCW & SCW+ Curtain wall suite Senior SF52 Curtain wall suite

Senior SCW & SCW+ Curtain wall suite

The Smart aluminium Ltd complete curtain walling suite successfully balances the aesthetic requirements of architects with the functional needs of contractors and occupiers thereby simplifying specification, fabrication and installation to ensure the highest quality and cost efficiency. Suitable for both low and high rise applications visual diversity can be achieved through a wide range of mullion and transom capping including square, elliptical and bull nose.

Rigorously tested to BS EN standards for wind resistance, water tightness and air permeability it offers enhanced thermal performance to meet the most stringent Building Regulations.

  • Key features:
  • Excellent thermal performance achieving low U values.
  • Slim, constant sight lines for both the mullion and transom give a uniform appearance across the suite.
  • High quality components for long-term durability.
  • Full compatibility with our range of window and door systems, including the integration of our anti-finger trap bulb stile.
  • A choice of box sizes for the structural members allows flexibility of design whilst ensuring that cost efficiency is achieved.
  • A choice of glazing, including vision glass, spandrel panels or insulated panel types can be used in a variety of thicknesses.
  • Suitable for sloped and roof glazing as well as low and high rise facades.

Senior SF52 Curtain wall suite

A structural silicone glazed curtain walling system, with consistent slim sight lines offering visual consistency and enhanced thermal performance for both ground floor and high rise projects.

Available in a wide variety of aesthetics including capless or capped with a large range of transom & mullion sizes plus reinforcing sleeves and boxes to allow larger, unsupported spans as well as the option for concealed steel reinforcing.

SF52 is fully compatible with Senior windows (including frameless vents) plus both manual and automated doors and is available in an almost unlimited choice of colours and finishes both externally and internally.

Weather Rating tested to CWCT Sequence B and EN13830:2003 achieving 600Pa air permeability, 600Pa water tightness and 2400Pa wind resistance.

Able to receive glass and infill panels from 24 to 50 mm thick.

Slim 52mm sight lines to the transom and 60mm mullions.

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